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contemplate / созерцать, лицезреть, размышлять
behold, contemplate, meditate
reflect, meditate, think, ponder, contemplate, speculate
look thoughtfully for a long time at.
he sat on the carpet contemplating his image in the mirrors
To what extent does film's latest technology give us pause as we contemplate film's images of the technological?
It's a real gem and a great place to sit and contemplate , with cliffs rising behind.
The book forced me to contemplate my own intentions in participating in a graduate education program that has a partnership with a predominantly Black school.
I think it's all about what people are open to at this point in their journey… I find that when you contemplate this area of life more, it comes to you more and more.
How many will be able to start a family, or buy a house or go back to university for further study when they contemplate the implications?
I boarded a plane for 20 hours of flying - lots of time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.
The group would be responsible for encouraging people to visit the cemetery to use it as a quiet place to sit and contemplate .
When you contemplate my image, in a week or a month, I'll try to feel your presence from afar.
This week's gap in their Championship programme allows Yorkshire to contemplate the batting and bowling averages - and they won't be happy with what they discover.
On the last day of our stay, we took a break from the past to contemplate the area's ecological future.