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contaminate / загрязнять, заражать, осквернять
pollute, contaminate, dirty, defile
infect, contaminate, taint, inoculate, give, canker
defile, desecrate, profane, pollute, violate, contaminate
make (something) impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance.
the site was found to be contaminated by radioactivity
Many types of viral and bacterial pathogens that grow in the gut of infected people may contaminate water and food.
If mercury is found in local soil, it can contaminate the fish supply.
Groundwater will be polluted, which would contaminate drinking water.
Chemicals in everyday products such as good packaging and cosmetics contaminate our air, water and soil.
If not properly disposed of, these substances can contaminate ground water.
The poison could be used to contaminate food or water, which would achieve the aim of spreading panic, or left on door handles in busy buildings.
But this should not be carried out on-farm because it can further contaminate the ground and infect other cattle.
Apparently parents emit poisonous substances which contaminate their kids in much the same way that humans pollute the environment.
Three women were seen eating their own food in the food preparation area, creating a risk of contamination .
He notes that although it was just water, there were dead fish and poison oak contaminating the water all over the course.