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containment / политика сдерживания
имя существительное
политика сдерживания
имя существительное
the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits.
the containment of the AIDS epidemic
the containment of the AIDS epidemic
She added that the close containment of the infection at the units was due to the enormous input of staff of all disciplines.
It suggests a policy of urban containment boundaries is one means of avoiding haphazard growth throughout the region.
Risk containment and control can be achieved when people are allowed to learn from past errors.
So, containment works when we pile 200,000 troops on his border but promise not to attack.
Today we have the tattered remnants of a containment policy, which was reasonably effective for a few years.
And a strategy of global containment is not really a major departure in policy.
It has leapt out of its containment and so become volatile.
Senior aides say containment is a modest and achievable goal, a prelude to more progress.
the containment of the AIDS epidemic