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containerize / осуществлять контейнерные перевозки
осуществлять контейнерные перевозки
pack into or transport by container.
containerized cargo
Don't forget containerised specimens should be fed too, but use slow-release pellets for these.
Other risky consignments that are containerised are referred to inland ports for destination inspections while they offload at the importer's premises.
Increased velocity has several principles: maximum use of throughput, minimal load-handling through the use of configured loads and containerization , and scheduled but flexible delivery.
This means that about two-thirds of all containerized cargo is shipped in the 40-foot containers because they have twice the capacity.
The last bare root seedlings were lifted in 2000 and the nursery now grows only containerized seedlings in greenhouses.
Another 3,500 tractor-trailer trips occur daily as containerized freight is moved between the yards.
With containerisation , the demand for space would be much less.
To attract flows of containerized cargoes, port authorities have to provide a minimum set of infrastructure attributes.
Its main service is containerised cargo handling based on long-term contracts to operate terminals in ports.
Intermodalism and containerization facilitate and optimize cargo transfer without the need for intermediate handling of container contents.