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contagion / зараза, инфекция, моральное разложение
имя существительное
infection, contagion, taint, virus, zymosis
infection, contagion
моральное разложение
contagion, putrefaction, moral leprosy, putridity, dry rot
имя существительное
the communication of disease from one person to another by close contact.
the rooms held no risk of contagion
the rooms held no risk of contagion
The local daily never having printed the word, the contagion was spread almost exclusively among the hospital staff, in whom the disease lay latent for the month of July.
However, stigma is much more than fear of contagion ; it is also a tool used by cultures to exclude those felt to have broken extant rules.
I heard that they spread their contagion through scratches made by their claws.
The text weaves between the two time frames, the past and the future, and in both people are dying of a mysterious contagion .
The weeping spread like contagion to Amma and our maid.
As the contagion of revolutionary ideas spread to Italy, every government, princely or republican, strove to repress it.
The scientists warned against complacency, saying that the risk of contagion can only be reduced and delayed - but not eliminated - by present measures to cull and contain, and by the end of the flu season.
Hugh, one of the great worries is contagion and disease that follows something like this if the water supply is not adequate.
As investors flew to safety, the contagion of fear spread, first to the other emerging markets, then to the equity markets of more developed nations.