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consumption / расход, потребление, расходование
имя существительное
consumption, expenditure, rate, expense, outgo, span
consumption, intake, consuming, input, expenditure
spending, consumption, expense
имя существительное
the using up of a resource.
industrialized countries should reduce their energy consumption
a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, consumption was considered incurable by most people, patients and physicians alike.
Stimulating personal consumption is the key to kick-starting demand.
Rising expectations were fuelled by increasing affluence and a widening gap between people's experiences in other sectors of consumption and public services.
No liquor shall be sold or supplied for consumption away from the premises in containers larger than two litres.
Lots of people think about energy saving measures and doing it is critical if we are going to reduce energy consumption .
One of the biggest problems the resort faced was the daily consumption of bread needed to feed the herd.
These filters produce clean water for consumption , such as drinking and cooking.
Only the canned drinks are fit for consumption .
Mexico has the largest per capita consumption of soft drinks in the world.
This aid aims to eventually change people's eating patterns through the consumption of flour and to outdo local producers.
Increased consumption of such drinks and foods brings up the question of whether or not people are exercising enough to burn all the excess fat and energy their bodies are taking in.