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consummation / завершение, совершенство, достижение
имя существительное
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, consummation
perfection, consummation, polish, fineness
attainment, achievement, accomplishment, progress, breakthrough, consummation
имя существительное
the point at which something is complete or finalized.
the consummation of a sale
After the consummation of the marriage, there is a period of seclusion until the young couple re-enters society.
the consummation of a sale
the eager consummation that follows a long and passionate seduction
Adultery here is defined even as the consummation of a marriage without the wedding rites.
In a story like way, these paintings display the process of love, ‘that moves from initial flirtations, to the ecstasies of physical love consummation , then to the anxieties of jealousy and rejection’.
Better than that, it turns out they were married and she fled before the consummation of the marriage!
Is this a ritual dance, a prelude to the consummation of a deal?
Instead, art - the work of art - finds itself locked in a double bind between self-contained consummation and self-contained exclusion.
It was consummation of a long, enduring affair.
The consummation of this superiority would be the betrayal itself - that would set her above all others.