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consume / потреблять, поглощать, расходовать
consume, take
absorb, swallow, devour, consume, adsorb, eat
spend, expend, consume, disburse, put out
eat, drink, or ingest (food or drink).
people consume a good deal of sugar in drinks
Designate a day to drink only water and consume no food.
Hence, it is not strange that they are willing to consume services that are too expensive for poorer people.
Even in a global era, we live locally and consume goods and services at a local level.
Herakles alone is positioned to consume food and drink.
After putting various sauces and other things on them, they returned to their table and began to consume the food and drink they'd just ordered.
people consume a good deal of sugar in drinks
Sometimes, however, overwhelming feelings of anger can consume us.
Scott felt the same feeling of guilt consume him again.
Millions of fisherman and those who consume their goods might justifiably ask ‘why?’.
Stop letting your hate consume you and go do something with your lives.