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consultation / консультация, совещание, консилиум
имя существительное
consultation, advice
conference, session, consultation, counsel, council, palaver
consultation, council, concilium
имя существительное
the action or process of formally consulting or discussing.
they improved standards in consultation with consumer representatives
The lack of any wide discussion or consultation is the cause of much of the criticism.
I expect to see a full and proper consultation conducted before any action is taken.
You may also choose, in consultation with your surgeon, what type of incision to have.
There will now be two months of formal consultation and a decision is expected in March.
The process of consultation with local partners has been ongoing since the kidnaps.
Possible changes were first revealed a year ago and have been out for discussion and consultation .
they improved standards in consultation with consumer representatives
These acts may be done in consultation with the rest of the group, but not necessarily as a group.
The fact is that this strike could have been avoided had there been proper consultation all round.
The Kennel Club says the docking of dogs' tails is a choice for the owner, in consultation with a vet.