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consultant / консультант
имя существительное
consultant, adviser, counselor, advisor, consultor, counsellor
имя существительное
a person who provides expert advice professionally.
The consultants provide advice on how to energise the crystals and place the objects.
a hospital doctor of senior rank within a specific field.
a consultant pediatrician
She is now a self-employed consultant advising on the workings of the Scottish parliament.
The author is a program consultant and host at China Central Television in Beijing.
He became professor of surgery and honorary consultant surgeon in Bristol in 1988.
Arlington denied Liam Lawlor offered to act as a consultant and said no money was paid to him.
It's Dr Jack Jackson's last week as senior consultant at a rural district general hospital.
Dr Kapasi welcomes publication of league tables of hospital and consultant performance.
As consultant surgeon in Gateshead he pioneered early work on hepatic blood flow.
This report shows that the improvements depended on increased consultant input.
He was then appointed as locum consultant urologist at Dewsbury and District Hospital.
Alex visits a consultant paediatrician at Stepping Hill Hospital every eight months.