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consultancy / консультирование, должность консультанта
имя существительное
должность консультанта
имя существительное
a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field, especially business.
a management consultancy firm
Just as well the department is offering to fund five days of consultancy if a school wants to develop such a strategy.
Congestion charging is suddenly a growth industry and Turner's consultancy is flourishing.
International business consultancy KPMG has hit the pop charts running.
Irish operations include research and development, consultancy and training.
a world class source of environmental consultancy
Sai also provides consultancy for environmental modification for handicapped persons.
He has since developed interests in a number of companies, offering business consultancy and private investment advice.
The larger accountancy houses add consultancy and other services to their product mix.
Laurent will provide research and development consultancy on an on-going basis.
Soon, he ventured into consultancy but was drawn by the prospects in IT.