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consulate / консульство, консульское звание
имя существительное
консульское звание
имя существительное
the place or building in which a consul's duties are carried out.
The company has lately moved into embassy building by constructing bug-free consulates for U.S. diplomats in Kyrgyzstan and Guinea-Bissau.
the period of office of a Roman consul.
It so impressed such an authority as Cicero that he begged Posidonius to write up his cherished consulate .
the government of the first French republic (1799–1804) by three consuls.
Should however the revolution turn into the directorate, the consulate and then the empire, you may come round and lynch us.
The author relies most strongly on a memo from the Los Angeles consulate to Tokyo from May 1941.
The consulate also hopes to regularize the position of Filipino servants working in Shanghai as soon as possible.
The latter had once commanded the praetorians and had been rewarded with the decorations of the consulate .
And also in Boston, out of the British consulate , is biotech specialist Alice Pomponio, whose position is part funded by Scottish Enterprise.
The federal agents asked Mr Roche why he videoed No Stopping and Loading signs outside the consulate building in York Street in Sydney.
The foreign press had been pre-emptively expelled from the city, but much of the direct evidence of what then happened was provided via radio transmitter operated by the United States consulate .
In 63 BC, when Cicero was consul, Catiline put himself forward for the consulate for the next year, and there were rumours that he planned to kill Cicero during the elections in the Campus Martius.
When making your request, please consider the time it takes for delivery of an airmail letter and that visa applications take time to be processed by your local embassy or consulate .
Other demonstrators climbed up the buildings outside the consulate and burned Japanese flags.