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construe / истолковывать, толковать текст, делать синтаксический разбор
construe, understand
толковать текст
делать синтаксический разбор
interpret (a word or action) in a particular way.
his words could hardly be construed as an apology
It is permissible, where the context so allows, to construe words used in the plural as including the singular.
All we need to do is to construe each action sentence as involving an implicit existential quantification, with the variable of quantification taking events as its possible values.
Although it is open to a court in limited circumstances to conclude that the words or syntax used is wrong, the purpose remains to construe the words used.
And explaining how to construe a sentence spoils its effect, just as explaining the punch line of a joke does.
I am tempted to ask him whether it could not be construed as denunciatory, but decide to leave its interpretation opened-ended and up to the individual viewer.
His warm words, including a line construable as retaining the possibility of a referendum before the election, were perhaps just a sop to frustrated pro-euro people in his party, in business and on the continent.
This would seem to be reasonable, so long as flexibility is construable as a contractual obligation (possibly through an implied term) but not if it goes beyond the scope of the contract.
But opponents charged that tossing out the amnesty laws would open a can of worms and that Congress could be construed as overstepping bounds and infringing on the courts' decisions.
Finally, I think I'll stick with ‘seminiscient’ as an apt term to describe the open theist construal of God's knowledge.
This should not be construed as a lack of interest in this offer of funding.