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construction / строительство, конструкция, построение
имя существительное
construction, building, constructing, development
design, construction, structure, construct, frame, framework
construction, formation, composition, form, parade, scheme
имя существительное
the building of something, typically a large structure.
there was a skyscraper under construction
So far the authorities are powerless to intervene because the building under construction conforms exactly to the plans approved by the local council.
Since reality is our own construction , it should be our responsibility to know what we can do with it.
By chance, French companies are not last in the world in fields like public construction , roads, tourism, energy and food industry.
On the low podium at the far end of the building is a similar construction which mirrors the simple rose window behind you.
If one looks at that history we say that a purposive construction gives rise to a different view to that which I understand is literally open.
It is located near a nursing home on extensive grounds and there is a housing development under construction to the southern side.
The announcement came as the mayor inspected the building site where two new buildings are currently under construction .
The building itself allows little space for amenity land for the children to play in, and the style of construction is totally out of character for the area.
We did a lot of creative construction back in the founding.
50,000 more jobs will go from construction