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construct / конструкция, концепция, обобщенный образ
имя существительное
design, construction, structure, construct, frame, framework
concept, conception, construct, apprehension
обобщенный образ
build, construct, build up, frame, parade, troop
design, construct, develop
create, build, establish, make, produce, construct
build or erect (something, typically a building, road, or machine).
a company that constructs oil rigs
имя существительное
an idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence.
history is largely an ideological construct
Both loops were placed in an aluminum snap hook to mount the construct in the load frame.
Your child's growing grammatical skills will help him to construct quality sentences, then build paragraphs and essays.
Some day in the next millennium, architects may be able to put design information into a machine that will automatically construct a complete building.
The notion that we have to construct the idea of self and an authorial voice (in your head or in the text) in such reductive pronoun-based terminology is, I think, a flawed one.
It was a theory, an idea, a theological construct designed to fit his circumstances.
An important tenet in constructivist theory is evaluating evidence to construct a global interpretation of an event or era.
For what is truth, but a subjective construct rendered persuasive in the moment of its construction?
Behind him, the screen displayed a giant construct , something like a battleship with two huge bulges on the side of it.
When you get fluent in another language and start to think in it you take on certain freedoms because you can construct ideas, create things in that language to get yourself out of trouble.
Ptolemy combined his interests to construct a theory in support of Aristotle