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constrictor / констриктор, удав, сжиматель
имя существительное
boa, constrictor, anaconda
constrictor, sphincter
имя существительное
a snake that kills by coiling around its prey and asphyxiating it.
We did one project on rainforest snakes, covering everything from constrictors to vipers.
a muscle whose contraction narrows a vessel or passage.
The constrictor muscle is supplied by the parasympathetic nervous system, and the dilator by the sympathetic nervous system.
Pupillary size is controlled by the action of the constrictor and dilator smooth muscles of the iris.
This time, I scanned the ledge for the shy constrictor .
Included are those fibers joining the inferior constrictor of the pharynx to the thyroid gland.
Apparently, this constrictor was quite a good swimmer.
The cartridge shot out and hit him in the face, breaking his nose, and the power cord wrapped itself like a constrictor around his neck.
A thickened band at the caudal extremity of the inferior pharyngeal constrictor forms the upper esophageal sphincter, or cricopharyngeus muscle.
The inferior constrictor is seen for the last time.
The tonsillar capsule was dissected away from the underlying superior constrictor muscle with the dissection continued along the anterior tonsillar pillar towards the posterior tonsillar pillar (open book technique).
In contrast to these nerves, the pharyngeal branch of the vagus provides the primary motor output to the superior, medial, and inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles .
We did one project on rainforest snakes, covering everything from constrictors to vipers.