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constrict / сжимать, сужать, стягивать
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, tighten
constrict, specialize
constrict, contract, subtend, draw off, astringe, swift
make narrower, especially by encircling pressure.
chemicals that constrict the blood vessels
He looked so desperate my throat began to constrict .
chemicals that constrict the blood vessels
boas constrict and suffocate their prey
Doctors treat shock by stabilizing blood pressure with medications that increase the heart rate, constrict large blood vessels, or increase the volume of blood the heart pumps.
he felt his throat constrict
Hot tears sprung into her eyes and her throat began to constrict .
Choking back a sob, he felt his throat constrict .
the fear and the reality of crime constrict many people's lives
I felt my throat constrict , and not trusting myself to speak, I nodded.
Other pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, irritate the eyes, constrict air passages and lower the body's resistance to colds and other respiratory illnesses.