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constraint / скованность, принуждение, стеснение
имя существительное
compulsion, coercion, constraint, duress, forcing, enforcement
constraint, restraint, incommodity, cumber
имя существительное
a limitation or restriction.
the availability of water is the main constraint on food production
They resent any constraint as an insult to their will to dominate and exercise power.
Then you help the person develop strategies to overcome that social constraint .
the availability of water is the main constraint on food production
Only once have I heard him laugh without constraint .
they would be able to talk without constraint
They find a bleak life of constraint and alienation - not an heroic American salvation tale but a cold comfort saga.
The main regulatory constraint in the post war period was the ceiling on interest rates.
Participants were allowed to talk without constraint for as long as they chose about what they considered quality reference service.
Resistance from the medical community has been one important constraint .
For the past two months, US officials have been seeking to wriggle free from this constraint .