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constitutive / учредительный, составной, конструктивный
имя прилагательное
constitutive, constituent assembly
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, constitutive
constructive, constructional, seminal, functional, constitutive, architectonic
имя прилагательное
having the power to establish or give organized existence to something.
the state began to exercise a new and constitutive function
forming a part or constituent of something; component.
poverty is a constitutive element of a particular form of economic growth
relating to an enzyme or enzyme system that is continuously produced in an organism, regardless of the needs of cells.
Fig.2 A illustrates the color heterogeneity encountered in various cells with constitutive expression of concatemer.
So what might be a plausible response to the logic of natural selection, where order proceeds from chaos, and where chance seems constitutive of nature rather than the byproduct of human choice?
They would have been able to hunker down, graft, get a mortgage for a two-bedroom terraced house, all the constitutive elements of what used to pass for the Asian good life.
It exercises regulative rather than constitutive power, determining the destiny of nations from afar but without the burdens associated with imperial tutelage.
It is a testimony to the idea of democracy itself that the battle over its constitutive elements will, in all likelihood, continue.
They no longer are only constitutive elements of being in the work of art but, more accurately, of being informed with beauty.
Law has often been ignored as a constitutive element of social organization, but it plays an important part in the definition of social roles and distribution of resources.
This is what they primarily and fundamentally are, though we have often taken the teaching of individual traditions (for example, states, religion) to be the constitutive element of identity.
Here, I will consider the death penalty solely as a constitutive element of our political arrangements.
This explains why the initial idea about the constitutive elements of civil society here was fairly urban-biased and middle class-related.
We begin to narrativize our lives through our accoutrements, through our objects, as if they are the constitutive elements of subjecthood.