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constitute / составлять, образовывать, учреждать
be, constitute, make up, make, compose, draw up
form, constitute, generate
establish, set up, institute, constitute, found, start
be (a part) of a whole.
single parents constitute a great proportion of the poor
give legal or constitutional form to (an institution); establish by law.
The Tribunal is specially constituted to make such decisions and they did not give rise to a question of law.
Failure to act may constitute a waiver of the breach and, in certain circumstances, a variation of the agreement.
If this is the case, then limited liability does not constitute the whole of the problem and removing it would be only a partial solution.
At present, credits constitute 40 per cent of the banks' assets to give them the top slot in the banks' assets.
there were enough members present to constitute a quorum
Any breach will constitute grounds for expulsion from the event.
there were enough members present to constitute a quorum
Those metasediments that are present probably constitute no more than 30% of the belt.
In aggregate, they constitute a real and present danger to global prosperity.
If these allegations are confirmed, such breaches of duty would constitute grave violations of medical ethics.
To be continuous is to constitute an unbroken or uninterrupted whole, like the ocean or the sky.