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constituent / составной, избирающий, обладающий законодательной властью
имя прилагательное
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, multiple
обладающий законодательной властью
имя существительное
составная часть
component, element, ingredient, constituent, obverse, principle
voter, elector, constituent, vote
имя прилагательное
being a part of a whole.
the constituent minerals of the rock
being a voting member of a community or organization and having the power to appoint or elect.
the constituent body has a right of veto
имя существительное
a member of a constituency.
They said the terms in office of legislators depended solely on the acceptance of their constituents who elected their representatives every five years.
a component part of something.
the essential constituents of the human diet
The working class must fight for a constituent assembly elected openly and democratically by the working masses to settle all the democratic questions.
Here the relationship between the life-history of the whole plant and that of its constituent parts is discussed.
Thus, the lack of a word-level constituent that matches the phrase in category indicates either (1) the head has been elided; or (2) the head has a more specific label than its general category label.
A 1946 plebiscite ended the monarchy, and a constituent assembly was elected to draw up plans for the republic.
In other words, the whole can be understood by separating and defining its constituent parts, as a chemist might seek to explain life by its molecular structure.
Of course, the constituent bodies (not the administration) should choose who will have contact with board members.
The constituent assembly aimed to reduce instability by defining a ministerial crisis strictly, with a motion of censure required to overthrow a government.
Dejection, on the other hand, is an essential constituent of tennis.
So one can understand where the legislation has the effect of changing the constituent bodies there is a different rule.
Directors need to take a step back once in a while and ask themselves: how well are they representing their constituent members?