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constipated / страдающий запором
имя прилагательное
страдающий запором
constipated, costive, bound, confined
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) affected with constipation.
For instance, women often don't take iron pills in pregnancy because they get constipated and assume that this is the effect of the iron.
The ratio of powder to water has been calculated in order to give your baby the right amount of food to water, and prevent your baby becoming constipated or dehydrated.
In a constipated infant, it may be necessary to perform colonic irrigation with limited amounts of sterile saline.
Which brings us back to the question of why it is that a people who are so expansive in their love of life should be so constipated when it comes to football.
A constipated body can lead to a constipated mind, and makes some of us feel moody and irritable.
An emotionally constipated Englishman is something we're all used to, but when the hero is American you have to wonder what's wrong with the chap.
You mention prescription laxatives for a constipated patient.
This might happen after a very large meal, during pregnancy, if you are constipated , or when you wear tight-waisted clothes or bend forward.
This year, all ad agencies seem to be suffering from constipated creativity.
I seem to be somewhat constipated after last night's meatloaf dinner.
There are several scenes of this constipated sort.