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constancy / постоянство, твердость, верность
имя существительное
constancy, permanence, consistency, persistence, stability, permanency
hardness, firmness, solidity, rigidity, stability, constancy
fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance, faith, constancy
имя существительное
the quality of being faithful and dependable.
Faithfulness, dedication, constancy and humility are some of the virtues needed to pray well.
In my view he is less a figure of his age than one above it, characterized by his constancy and the ritual repetition of certain themes.
His view was based on the fact that the capital value of a let investment was dependent upon the expectation and constancy of a net rental income, adjusted for landlord's liabilities (if any).
Given the assumed constancy of the speed of light, the calculations required to show that result are quite simple.
Shakespeare did not think of constancy as a psychosexual characteristic allied to masochism, but rather as an earthly manifestation of divine love, which is beyond gender.
Words traverse the page with the constancy and steadiness of footsteps.
For we must now take into account an exceptionally plastic evolutionary overlay which yields a constantly moving target, an extended cognitive architecture whose constancy lies mainly in its continual openness to change.
The only controls that can be employed in these studies are the use of valid research instruments, constancy of condition, and accurate conceptual and operational definitions of the research variables.
Her readiness to drop everything for him offered constancy to a man prone to bouts of introspection and feelings of inadequacy.
By the end of the play, the very qualities he considers to be virtuous - sacrificial piety, constancy , and militarism - are those that lead to tragedy.
Faithfulness, dedication, constancy and humility are some of the virtues needed to pray well.