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constable / констебль, коннетабль, полицейский
имя существительное
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, constable
policeman, cop, bobby, constable, copper, crusher
полицейский чин
имя существительное
a peace officer with limited policing authority, typically in a small town.
The police constables had given clear and credible evidence of the circumstances in which the identification took place.
the governor of a royal castle.
Orford was held by a royal constable , and was built next to what was at the time a major port.
Thomas Percy, one of the conspirators, was a distant cousin, had been employed by Northumberland as constable of Alnwick castle, and had been made a gentleman pensioner.
The computer workstation of a senior constable was secured and information was extracted.
Orford was held by a royal constable , and was built next to what was at the time a major port.
A probationary constable at Lismore police station died on Tuesday morning.
The caller said his chief constable had received a number of complaints.
A sergeant or a constable of police would make a decision, would he or she not, whether to prosecute for a traffic offence?
When the King and his family were out, the running of the castle was left up to the constable , so he needed to be an intelligent and trust-worthy person.
All were surprised to find a police head constable in uniform playing the classic with such finesse.
The upper floor of the gatehouse housed the constable of the castle.
He was constable of the castle until 1562.