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conspire / сговариваться, тайно замышлять, устраивать заговор
conspire, arrange, agree, concert, come to an agreement, arrange things
тайно замышлять
устраивать заговор
make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act.
they conspired against him
The circumstances conspire to make a sexual relation or a future together impossible.
Each character is linked by more than just work, as hold-ups, corpses, missing children, affairs and other events conspire to alter their lives.
Currently, conspiracy to defraud is a common law offence that requires that two or more individuals conspire to commit a fraud against another.
Fate and circumstances often conspire to change the direction of our lives for better or worse.
Occasionally events conspire to imbue these great-leader impersonators with great symbolic power.
Those who are members of the Church and yet conspire against her commit a serious and brutal crime.
This angers a cabal of evil businessmen, who somehow are profiting from the bad times, so they conspire to bring the new agency down.
But racing, in particular, has often suffered from people who deliberately conspire to fix results, and those cheats now know that their days are numbered.
Sarah is not merely a woman who feels like a bad mother, she is a bad mother, or least she is until circumstances conspire to jolt her into reality.
As the scenery switches from Argentina to Chile to Colombia, events conspire to change our hero, as we know they will.