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conspirator / заговорщик
имя существительное
conspirator, plotter, hatcher
имя существительное
a person who takes part in a conspiracy.
Mary and her conspirators openly discussed their plans in these encrypted letters, as they believed no one else would be able to read them.
To others, his actions could have seemed those of a deadly rival, a traitor, a conspirator .
The novel, meanwhile, posits God as the ultimate conspirator , less a deity than a puppetmaster whose intentions are never clear.
In fact, to the conspiracy theorist, the best proof of the ultimate conspiracy would be no evidence at all: for who, but the master conspirator , would be able to control the world without leaving any trace?
He spent much of his career as a political conspirator , actively working to overthrow the government of Charles II of England.
This assassination had almost as many motives as it had conspirators .
A guitar slung round his neck, he addresses audiences as if delivering a bedtime fairytale, at times whispering conspiratorially into the microphone, his hands as expressive as a magician's.
My point isn't that there's anything hidden or conspiratorial about it per se.
Chapter Three brings us the conspirators, or some of the conspirators , four men waiting in a car on the road to San Cristóbal.
That merely sparked off their investigation, the aim of which was to discover the future plans of the conspirators .
The jury watched a video showing some of the alleged conspirators in animated discussion.