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consort / супруга, супруг, корабль сопровождения
имя существительное
spouse, consort, partner, mate, yokefellow, helpmate
spouse, husband, consort, partner, mate, lord
корабль сопровождения
blend, harmonize, consort, tune, accord, tone
общаться с
consort, keep company with
appeal, address, treat, turn, handle, consort
имя существительное
a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch.
Apart from the reign of William III, consorts of monarchs have had no constitutional significance whatsoever.
a small group of musicians performing together, typically playing instrumental music of the Renaissance period.
a consort of viols
habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others.
you chose to consort with the enemy
Queen Victoria, her consort Prince Albert and the Royal children lined a balcony of Hull's premier hotel and waved to the crowds of children below dutifully singing the National Anthem.
At first, the likelihood that broken consort music would be audible from behind curtains seemed small - unless the fabric was very fine, which is why so few productions adopted curtains.
Three centuries later the history of Queen Adelaide again illustrated the importance of the role of the royal consort .
an anthology of Tudor consort music
Her consort found her two days later with all of the crew completely drunk on rum taken from the cargo.
The close relationship between the consort song and the Elizabethan verse anthem makes it at least possible that both genres began with the same scoring: voices and viols.
As his new consort he purchased from Governor King a small, colonial-built vessel, the Casuarina, to help him with the continued close charting of the coast.
To think that the absence of the monarch and her consort would mean so much less attention at the Guildhall is ridiculous.
The consort will be performing excerpts from JS Bach's Christmas Oratorio with organ, trumpets and timpani.
a consort of viols