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consonance / созвучие, консонанс, согласие
имя существительное
consonance, harmony, accord, assonance, concord, jingle
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, consonance
имя существительное
agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions.
consonance between conservation measures and existing agricultural practice
Certainly it is the ambition of most philosophical systems to resolve the blooming confusion of the world into consonance .
He even appreciates the aesthetics of the game, wherein lies a kind of abstract expressionism - the non sequiturs, the shapes of words themselves, the improbable consonance of consonants.
He is the answer to the prayers of those tongue-tied guys, the romantically handicapped, the timid ones whose words are not in consonance with their feelings.
In Chapter II attention is focused on Dante's use of consonance and assonance to create specific effects leading to a sort of ‘musical vision’.
The government's callousness towards the problem of relief and rehabilitation is in consonance with its earlier policy of calculated inaction during the carnage.
a constitution in consonance with the people's customs
Acting in consonance with the democratic convention, the President signed the Ordinance which was promulgated immediately on 24 August, 2002.
It's in consonance with the nature of their work.
the abrupt quality of the sound is echoed in the final ‘t’ consonance of ‘discreet’ and ‘shut’
Almost unannounced, we started achieving consonance .