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console / консоль, пульт, кронштейн
имя существительное
console, bracket, cantilever, stand, angle bracket
console, control panel, desk
bracket, support, carrier, console, hanger, cantilever
comfort, console, cheer up, recompose
comfort, console, soothe, solace, reassure, becalm
имя существительное
a panel or unit accommodating a set of controls for electronic or mechanical equipment.
However, when she hit the ground, her left shoulder came in contact with the side panel of the control console .
an ornamented bracket with scrolls or corbel supporting a cornice, shelf, or tabletop.
Made of vitreous China, sinks like the 27 1/2-inch pedestal basin shown come with pedestal covers or metal consoles .
a support between the seats of an automobile that has indentations for holding small items.
The access and double cab models add such things as bucket seats and a center console as standard.
comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment.
she tried to console him but he pushed her gently away
You can even power up and down the console with your wireless controller.
There is all the more room, then, to sit back and enjoy the interior's centre console , a piece of art above the gearstick.
Its cushion can be folded under the seat on the left-hand side, and a console with cupholders and a storage box can be positioned in its place.
It features a 2-tone color scheme and a central spine shape that also appears on the center console and instrument panel.
The cabin feels compact but well laid out with an interesting circular-dominated centre console and a handbrake lever designed like a pistol grip.
Five little televisions sat on a console , each monitoring several different security rooms.
The wall opposite the door contained the console controlling the elevator, which was now counting down numbers as it passed floors on its way to the bottom.
Ruby raced to the intercom and control console for the electronic gates.
A new interior had to be designed to accommodate bucket seats and a floor console .
My suite has classic Lanna touches in its fabrics and art works, and a cannily rotating television console .