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consolation / утешение
имя существительное
comfort, consolation, solace, relief, reassurance, refuge
имя прилагательное
comforting, consolation, consolatory, glad
имя существительное
comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment.
there was consolation in knowing that others were worse off
If not, they often fall into depression, and seek consolation in excessive eating, or drug and alcohol abuse.
there was consolation in knowing that others were worse off
My only consolation is the pleasure I must have had killing her children in a former life.
Mary has been the source of solace and consolation in times of anxiety.
We are proud of our record in providing free advice, consolation and moral support in homes and courtrooms from Dublin to Cork.
Scotland could turn away from politics in disgust and seek consolation in cynicism.
Do you find consolation in prayer and aspiration, and holy self-destruction here, at the twelfth station?
Some people had scrawled words of consolation and encouragement on the remaining chunks of driftwood.
There is no nostalgia here, only loss and small consolation .
Even if mistreated, she could not come back to her parents for consolation or support.