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consist / состоять, заключаться в, совпадать
consist, compose, occupy the post
заключаться в
consist in, consist
coincide, match, fit, concur, tally, consist
имя существительное
composition, compound, makeup, train, constitution, consist
be composed or made up of.
the exhibition consists of 180 drawings
be consistent with.
the information perfectly consists with our friend's account
имя существительное
the set of vehicles forming a complete train.
I have to get back to my room and get my coat so that I can hit the platform and record the consist .
The inside consisted of a wooden floor and a workbench, complete with a small vice at the kitchen wall end.
I had my own sort of set prayer, consisting of six words that had been used many times.
His triumph consists in the fact that he can be neither fought nor punished, because he has already taken care of both these things himself.
to turn an entire consist requires a wye
his duties consist in taking the condition of the barometer
Part of their education arguably consists in having some of their opinions challenged.
It was spread over two days and consisted of five papers in all, each of which was two and a half hours long.
Lunch was in a typical Cuban restaurant and consisted of fruit, rice and chicken.
Pride of place went to an exhibit which consisted of two police-cars on top of one another.
The exhibition will consist of a wide range of products aimed at the construction industry.