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consignment / груз, накладная, коносамент
имя существительное
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, consignment
invoice, waybill, consignment, delivery note, bill of lading, bill of parcels
bill of lading, consignment
имя существительное
a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
a consignment of beef
Sell the other one on consignment or give it to a niece for dress-up.
The rest of the cannabis will be sold on consignment .
There are basically three venues offered to you: you can sell wholesale, or through consignment , or via shows where you are personally present.
a consignment of beef
Customers then receive email replies that provide a full status report on each consignment , from collection and delivery times to the name of the person who signed for the shipment.
It sells all clothing on consignment , and carries a small selection of second-hand clothing as well.
Somebody from New York said once they would sell the baskets on consignment , but they ended up sitting in a warehouse.
new and used children's clothing on consignment
Part of this is based on ‘bending over backwards’ for customers and offering some of the best prices in the region, particularly on used guns, which are often taken in on consignment .
They acquire their goods on consignment from wholesale merchants in the larger towns, then carry them on the train into the countryside.