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considering / учитывая, принимая во внимание
considering, seeing, in respect that
принимая во внимание
considering, whereas, seeing, facing, in respect that
в общем
in general, generally, in all, on the whole, all in all, considering
при сложившихся обстоятельствах
taking everything into account.
they weren't feeling too bad, considering
taking into consideration.
considering the conditions, it's very good
think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.
each application is considered on its merits
She did a pretty OK job, I guess, considering that most of her dorm-mates didn't even start packing until after the ceremony.
considering that he was the youngest on the field he played well
The target is moderate, considering that tax revenues have increased by an average 14.2 percent per annum over the past three years.
This is not particularly surprising considering that New Year resolutions are made on the spur of the moment in our effort to meet the expectations of traditions.
That would make sense, considering that's where these soldiers deployed from and that's where many of their families remain.
considering the circumstances, Simon was remarkably phlegmatic
But considering that's where he is, he's holding up the best he can.
Surely this level of support could have been built on, particularly considering that women's pro soccer had no direct competition.
Anyway, they phoned up, which is really smart considering that there are public exams today; so all the poor girls doing their French and German orals were all messed up.
It makes me angry that I even care, considering that nothing much is going to change in my life after this election, and that our election result was just as big a shambles.