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consideration / рассмотрение, внимание, соображение
имя существительное
consideration, review, approval, contemplation, speculation
attention, note, care, consideration, mind, regard
consideration, reason
имя существительное
careful thought, typically over a period of time.
a long process involving a great deal of careful consideration
a payment or reward.
you can buy the books for a small consideration
importance; consequence.
No troubles in Upper Egypt are mentioned during the reign of Auletes, and if things were quiet there, we mace that it was due to the government there being in the hands of some one whom, by our broken records, we may conjecture to have been a man of great consideration and influence, Callimachus the epistrategos.
I can only hope you showed a lot more sensitivity and consideration after that happened.
companies should show more consideration for their employees
Even if the proposed changes were to result in a greater number of couples considering adoption, careful consideration would have to be given to the implications of allowing them to adopt.
At the very least the participants should take time to study the constitutional articles and laws they would like to change and give careful consideration to the changes they would like to be made.
About 75 per cent of the consideration would be paid in stocks to the owners, said the Founder of the company.
Then he went home south to Denmark, and became afterwards a man of great consideration , and many great people are descended from him.
A man of great consideration may have fifty or sixty skulls suspended in his premises.
you can buy the books for a small consideration
But the circumstances in which you each committed this offence called for careful consideration and go a long way to aggravating the offences you have committed.
Hopefully there would be some wonderful moments - instances of consideration and thoughtfulness and kindness.