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considerate / тактичный, деликатный, внимательный к другим
имя прилагательное
tactful, considerate, discreet, diplomatic, nice, well-conducted
delicate, sensitive, considerate, tender, ticklish, queasy
внимательный к другим
имя прилагательное
careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others.
the quietest and most considerate tenants possible
He said the Church should be considerate of the plight of people in the district who lost their crop because of floods that had struck the area.
Even those of us who are self-employed still must be considerate of our clients and suppliers.
As he admits now, he might have taken a view more considerate of his wider career had he been older and wiser.
Somehow that was considerate of them, but they still were wary.
The emergency services have joined the hospital in a plea to parents to be more considerate of the potential danger caused by careless parking.
it was considerate of you
He must be dignified, he must be tactful and considerate of feelings and of every living creature he sees.
Also, if you share the space that you're decorating, you should try to be considerate of your room-mates' tastes.
She's considerate of your needs and respects the terms of your contract.
The physician should maintain a gentle and calm demeanor and be considerate of the apprehensive child.