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conserve / консервы, варенье, джем
имя существительное
canned goods, preserves, tinned goods, conserve, preserve
jam, preserve, confiture, marmalade, conserve, make
jam, marmalade, conserve, spread
save, keep, retain, preserve, maintain, conserve
conserve, protect, reserve, treasure, treasure up
preserve, conserve, can, mothball, tin, cure
имя существительное
a sweet food made by preserving fruit with sugar; jam.
However, the preserve we now recognize as jam is a relatively modern descendant of all the rather solid fruit and sugar conserves , preserves, and marmalades of the 17th and 18th centuries.
protect (something, especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction.
the funds raised will help conserve endangered meadowlands
In addition there should be continued funding for farmers to manage the countryside both to retain the character of the landscape and conserve natural resources such as soil and water.
In fact, sustainable utilisation can be a powerful tool in motivating communities to conserve a resource.
The findings give new urgency to protect and conserve coral reefs, which have come under increasing threats from the likes of dynamite fishing, pollution and climate change.
Imagine a snow-white bowl of yoghurt topped with this glistening, exotic conserve .
The spicy fruit conserve known as mostarda (most emphatically not mustard) is eaten with meat and game.
The DoH said doctors, pharmacists and other health workers were being asked to take every possible step to conserve stocks for patients with the greatest need.
The Army says it is consolidating the cases stemming from the abuse scandal to conserve resources.
Any isolated system will conserve total momentum.
They are also cultural and political catalysts that protect and conserve heritage and history of the land and people for posterity.
Combine the mayonnaise, yoghurt and apricot conserve or chutney.