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conservation / сохранение, заповедник, консервирование
имя существительное
conservation, preservation, retention, maintenance, reservation, safekeeping
reserve, preserve, sanctuary, conservation, park, reservation
canning, preserving, conservation, preservation, curing, packing
имя существительное
the action of conserving something, in particular.
These sites of sequence conservation may indicate regions of importance for transcriptional regulation of these genes.
One of the "new" methods of food conservation practiced by the women of America during the war was that of drying food.
Assessment of the extent of genetic variability within a variety of landrace has important consequences for plant breeding and conservation of genetic resources.
All the scientists I've talked to tell me that the best we can expect is to meet about 25 percent of our energy needs with renewable resources and conservation .
His remarks could be considered a challenge to the mainstream discourses of forest use and aforestation, nature conservation and protection.
While food conservation is the immediate purpose of the army, it will offer its services to Washington to put into effect any regulation the national authorities think wise for the country.
It would be naive to suggest that such views of the land represent the practice of a perfect natural form of wildlife conservation .
He welcomed the European Commission's proposal to relocate funding to rural areas for production of organic foods, conservation of cultural heritage and traditions.
Is this trend merely due to cultural conservation , or is it also bound up with the particular development of German society?
Early models of the atom treated the atom as a solar system and used the idea of angular momentum conservation to explain its stability.
Their plans feature conservation of the archaeological remains such as the blast furnace complex.