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conservancy / охрана природы, комитет по охране природы, охрана рек и лесов
имя существительное
охрана природы
комитет по охране природы
охрана рек и лесов
имя существительное
a body concerned with the preservation of nature, specific species, or natural resources.
the Nature Conservancy
the conservation of something, especially wildlife and the environment.
Just a few of the benefits to your program are natural beauty, recreational opportunity, environmental education, conservancy , wildlife protection, and resource utilization.
from the point of view of nature conservancy, I'd rather see it left unspoilt
The ecological significance of the color of bioluminescence and conservancy of green emission in larval fireflies and other luminescent beetle larvae is discussed.
Gradually, with the support of the conservancy , backyard efforts initiated by people with a passion for a particular breed began to appear.
Also in Alaska, the conservancy wants Prince William Sound declared an ocean wilderness although there have been attempts since 1973 to have the land around it designated wilderness.
The Economic Affairs Minister said that public investment in water conservancy is necessary, even if it means increasing public debt.
Noted for its conservancy of wildflowers, this museum southwest of Philadelphia features the art of the Wyeth family.
But the Battery comes under the jurisdiction of the city, state and federal governments, unlike Central Park, where the conservancy 's only partner is the city.
The Eagle Rock area was purchased by the Sempervirens Fund, a local land conservancy , and sold to the state for inclusion in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.
Each partner contributed land to the conservancy .
Several speakers raised concerns about the draft OCP approach to nature conservancy .