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consequently / следовательно, поэтому, в результате
therefore, hence, consequently, accordingly, ergo, according
therefore, thus, consequently, accordingly, thence
в результате
as a result, consequently, in the issue, in the long run, in the train, in its train
as a result.
flexible workers find themselves in great demand, and consequently earn high salaries
So for me the gig does have some cache in its own right and consequently I do feel a little excited when I chance to think about it.
she studied a lot and consequently got great results
The boat is wider than a racing craft and consequently is safer for beginners.
Cranks and charlatans abound when we are all experts in our own field, and consequently nobody is a real expert at all.
The council consequently decided to carry out a peer review on the whole project, he said.
These effects result in nutrient imbalances in plants, consequently reducing plant growth.
he didn't train and consequently lost his place on the team
Many corporates have not been able to cope up with this change and have consequently become sick.
The heavy rain made for slippery conditions and consequently mistakes on both sides.
She suffered from insomnia and depression and consequently was prescribed anti depressants.