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consequent / следствие, результат, последствие
имя существительное
investigation, consequence, result, effect, consequent, inquiry
result, outcome, effect, output, product, consequent
consequence, aftermath, outcome, sequel, consequent, sequela
второй член пропорции
второй член условного предложения
имя прилагательное
consistent, serial, consecutive, successive, sequential, consequent
являющийся результатом
consequent, subsequent upon
логически последовательный
имя прилагательное
following as a result or effect.
labor shortages would be created with a consequent increase in wages
имя существительное
a thing that follows another.
Rising house prices and rising interest rates have resulted in a squeeze on first time buyers with consequent effects on recruitment and retention in key public services.
It was in comparatively recent times, following the start of the Industrial Revolution and the consequent increase in the demand for meat, that the breeding of sheep for meat made important advances in Britain.
As a result of shorter hospital stays and a consequent increase in the acute care provided in outpatient settings, the authors say, the office practice setting could yield a greater margin for improvement.
Otherwise, we're going to see a slow death of scientific research in this country, with consequent effects on the rest of the economy.
The second half of the eighteenth century saw substantial changes in the agrarian practices employed in north-east Scotland, consequent on the need to increase the profitability of the great estates.
The consequent decline in discipline results in a behavioural focus - for instance insisting on the wearing of student ID cards, with students sent home from lessons if they fail to do so.
He delivered a speech about inbreeding and the consequent side effects.
Radial consequent streams cut deep canyons into the flanks of the extinct shield volcano, and these canyons are opened out into deep, steep-walled amphitheaters.
As a result of the consequent shortfall between supply and demand, a spokesman complained, some poor schools would have to recycle worn out copies, so that needy children would be learning from third- or even fourth-hand books.
There was a surge of missionaries (especially from North America) and a consequent increase in the number of evangelical congregations.