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consequence / следствие, последствие, вывод
имя существительное
investigation, consequence, result, effect, consequent, inquiry
consequence, aftermath, outcome, sequel, consequent, sequela
conclusion, derivation, pin, inference, deduction, consequence
имя существительное
a result or effect of an action or condition.
many have been laid off from work as a consequence of the administration's policies
importance or relevance.
the past is of no consequence
the past is of no consequence
She told the court she feared her client might suffer as a consequence of the Lord Chief Justice's new guidelines.
As a consequence of her resignation she was required to vacate the property.
As we have said before these small post offices are a central part of local communities, but clearly that is of no consequence .
The technique ought to be very specific in its choice of target, with few side effects as a consequence .
As a consequence of this the County Council hope to bring successful prosecutions in the near future.
he didn't say anything of great consequence
At my age the future of the town is of no consequence in personal terms.
as a consequence of an accident
This is primarily as a consequence of fuel poverty and inadequate insulation of houses.