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consensus / консенсус, согласие, единодушие
имя существительное
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, consensus
unanimity, consensus, consentience, consentaneity
имя существительное
general agreement.
a consensus of opinion among judges
Basically, the consensus appeared to be that the book was better than the movie.
We tried to get a consensus of opinion and it proved to be easier than I thought.
There needs to be a clear consensus on what a charity should be in order to be granted any tax and other benefits.
Here was a political consensus that a progressive government could have championed.
After the concert the consensus was to head back to our respective hotels and sleep for as long as possible.
They have also helped to undermine the social consensus which used to be so intolerant of crime.
It was only a few weeks ago that there was a broad consensus that UK interest rates were on the way up.
a consensus of opinion among judges
A strong relationship means that it must depend on a consensus of needs and opinion.
There seems to be a growing consensus that any orientation toward the future is somehow out of place.