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consensual / согласованный
имя прилагательное
agreed, concerted, coordinated, consensual, dovetailed, conformed
имя прилагательное
relating to or involving consent, especially mutual consent.
he admitted to having consensual sex with two women
That's why these laws governing consensual sex must be repealed.
He then submitted a statement saying he had consensual sex with a woman he saw on the street after meeting her in a club earlier.
Yet, while they are preaching to us about the immorality of our consensual sexual lives the institutions are busy condoning the abuse by their own employees.
It follows from this that even consensual sexual activity between 15-year-olds will be criminal in the eyes of the law.
If there is a website proclaiming that all consensual sex is within the law, this is a serious matter.
The trio deny the charges, claiming their sexual activity had been consensual .
Does that sound to you like a likely scenario for consensual sex?
But during his trial, he claimed after he picked up the young woman she made advances to him and the sex was consensual .
Further, it is an affront to basic human rights that a person should be imprisoned for consensual sex between two adults.
Again he initially denied he had been in her room but then changed his story, saying they had enjoyed consensual sexual intercourse.