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conscience-stricken / испытывающий угрызения совести
имя прилагательное
испытывающий угрызения совести
compunctious, qualmish, conscience-struck, conscience-smitten, conscience-stricken
имя прилагательное
made uneasy by a guilty conscience.
she was still conscience-stricken over her outburst
Unfortunately, 10 or 20 years after an execution, a confession often emerges from a criminal who is conscience-stricken or terminally ill.
Whenever I thought of the innocent little children who were torn from home, school friends and congenial surroundings, I was conscience-stricken .
Her brothers, observing how she cherishes the plant, steal the pot, discover the mouldering head, and fly, conscience-stricken , into banishment.
How easily he could have been the leader of the world's conscience-stricken youth.
Her situation cried out for attention, rescue and relief by the State, by well-meaning and charitable agencies, and by ordinary, conscience-stricken citizens.
They'd have said I was only a poor kid, conscience-stricken for having wished the man dead, and that he wouldn't have gone charging into the water if he hadn't been in a belligerent rage.
News of them did much to persuade conscience-stricken clergy to break ranks and join the third in June, so that some action might be taken.
Indeed, the prime impulse behind the campaign to save nature, and expressly to husband wilderness, was aghast awareness of its imminent disappearance, in tandem with conscience-stricken guilt at their forebears' rapacity and greed.
I was most conscience-stricken by my anguished looking mother's tearful eyes; an unproud image now permanently carved into my subconscious.
As you might expect, his words do not approach cliche, describing the pain in the conscience-stricken priest's feet, for example, as ‘his daily stigmata’.