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connote / означать, иметь дополнительное значение, иметь дополнительное следствие
mean, indicate, denote, imply, signify, connote
иметь дополнительное значение
connotate, connote
иметь дополнительное следствие
(of a word) imply or suggest (an idea or feeling) in addition to the literal or primary meaning.
the term “modern science” usually connotes a complete openness to empirical testing
The establishment of the bureau does not connote a new-found official concern over the shocking conditions facing coal miners.
By contrast, a cave of concrete would connote fear.
Their refusal to denounce these measures can only connote approval.
Does this term connote the subjective and self-serving claims of the mission planners, or the foreseeable objective consequences of a particular mission?
Does merely being gay connote political advocacy?
This can be seen as a welcome development, since the term ‘administrative’ used to connote the notion of a close, perhaps too close, link with the relevant government department.
The first five terms above, included in the index, connote a feeling of being emotionally unsettled, off-balance or anxious, which are standard reactions to stressful events.
However, that fact doesn't connote sinister forces at work.
There is a sense in which the word person is merely the singular form of people and in which both terms connote no more than membership in a certain biological species.
Provocations include not only the lack of grammar, but highly disjunctive and often obscure use of line breaks which abandon denotative and connotative functions of words in favour of half swallowed or choked sounds.