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connoisseur / знаток
имя существительное
expert, connoisseur, scholar, adept, judge, fancier
имя существительное
an expert judge in matters of taste.
a connoisseur of music
It looks the same and only the connoisseur would tell the difference in taste.
a connoisseur of music
A leading connoisseur of bottled water last night advised consumers to pick and choose between bottled and mains water.
a connoisseur of music
Renowned for his visual acumen and connoisseurship , he grew up in Paris and New York, the son of a scholar of medieval church history.
The connoisseurs came up with a surprising range of taste and bouquet descriptions.
Like the original structure, his piece has a beauty that lures connoisseurs .
For connoisseurs of intelligence fiction a few titles epitomize the essence of the craft.
Local connoisseurs are seldom of much help in correcting the error.
He was a connoisseur and he felt they were connoisseurs , too.