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conniving / потворствовать, попустительствовать, смотреть сквозь пальцы
indulge, pander, encourage, connive, gratify, cater
смотреть сквозь пальцы
condone, connive
имя прилагательное
given to or involved in conspiring to do something immoral, illegal, or harmful.
a heartless and conniving woman
secretly allow (something considered immoral, illegal, wrong, or harmful) to occur.
you have it in your power to connive at my escape
Every person who has ever told the camera that is always a conniving , manipulative sociopath.
Companies' accounts were misleading, their auditors conniving , their lawyers conspiring, their bankers inept.
A pair of baboons acted precisely like conniving con artists in cooperating to deceive a third.
I couldn't imagine contemporary female audiences buying a plot wherein conniving men turn their wives into homemaking robots.
The two were found to be conniving with an inter-state flesh trade gang, whose three members were arrested by the police last Friday.
I don't really care about catching up on how my beloved soap characters have been scheming and conniving .
Now it's trying to prevent exposure of its prewar conniving .
He always ends up looking smug like he's just done something evil, or conniving like he's planning something evil.
Naturally, Sally Rogers is nothing like the conniving Yvonne.
He was a lying, conniving , covering up peacemaker.