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connive / потворствовать, попустительствовать, смотреть сквозь пальцы
indulge, pander, encourage, connive, gratify, cater
смотреть сквозь пальцы
condone, connive
secretly allow (something considered immoral, illegal, wrong, or harmful) to occur.
you have it in your power to connive at my escape
Each wants to win, and to do so they must connive and scheme.
And even worse, he may take the weekends to plan and conspire and connive and make sure that he isn't caught when he goes back on his shooting spree during the week.
you have it in your power to connive at my escape
government officials were prepared to connive in impeding the course of justice
I am fierce, powerful, ambitious, and if need be, conniving .
There is no place for anyone who condones it, conceals it or connives with it.
Adam bought it for me with the help of these two little connivers .
Married to a multimillionaire, she has hustled, harangued, conspired and connived to get Athens to the finish line.
It was one of those rare smiles that had nothing behind it, nothing sinister, malicious or conniving , it was a true smile.
Banks do not generally satisfy the ‘triggers terms’ of environmental legislation such as carrying on, causing, knowingly permitting, or consenting to and conniving in environmental damage.