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connivance / попустительство, потворство, молчаливое согласие
имя существительное
connivance, sufferance, connivancy, connivency, laissez-faire
indulgence, connivance, connivancy, connivency
молчаливое согласие
acquiescence, connivance, sufferance, connivancy, connivency
имя существительное
willingness to secretly allow or be involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral or illegal act.
this infringement of the law had taken place with the connivance of officials
A close scrutiny of these dubious transactions will reveal that there is connivance between unscrupulous employees and these ‘ghost’ suppliers.
Indeed, given the two main parties' history of self-serving connivance in this perversion of democracy, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of voters feel alienated by politicians?
If they fail to control the situation within three days they should be suspended and, if found guilty of connivance or actual participation, they should be strictly dealt with for the crime.
Jewish law discerns three different levels of connivance with wrongdoing.
Yet, it is necessary to outlive the inhuman experience of this attempt at genocide with the collaboration and connivance of the state and come to grips with its implications for the future of the Republic.
Contractors in connivance with corrupt officials do shoddy work deliberately, so that they get a fresh contract soon for the job.
What this sardonic study of mutual fawning and posturing among the talking heads and editorial sages of Parisian society shows is a system of connivance based at least as much on ideological as material investment in the market.
It could even lead to opaque credit allocation practices and connivance between business and political circles, bringing opportunities to the wrong people.
This is also opened to abuse with the busiest car crime con being accident faking to in connivance or another innocent driver to get these big pay-offs.
Not long ago the prime minister himself let it be known that many of our lawyers are involved in money laundering, with or without police connivance .