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connector / соединитель
plug, pin connector
  • electrical connector - электрический разъем
имя существительное
a thing that links two or more things together.
a pipe connector
After connecting the wires with the controlling unit, the keypad should be connected using a strip connector .
While a study on a 710 tunnel underneath South Pasadena continues, the City of Los Angeles revives talk of a temporary connector to the freeway.
The Airport Road and its connector to the highway via Sietz Ronan Road is a good road, though the entire road could use improvement.
Business loops serve as a connector to the highway, but also to local commercial entities.
On closer inspection, the pipe connector had split.
I think it is a connector for internal disk drives.
So the Oak Street Project moved out some 3,000 people and brought in a highway connector so that commuters could drive straight from the new Connecticut Turnpike into downtown.
For electromedical applications such as electrophysiology, the hub may also contain an electrical connector .
External devices require a terminator plugged into the unused connector on the last device in the chain.
a pipe connector